TeaTV On Firestick Download & Installation (2024)

Learn how to download TeaTV On Firestick and install it!

Are you fed up with paying regular subscription fees for streaming platforms on your Firestick? If you don’t want to spend on a particular streaming platform but stream quality content, you will have to download TeaTV for it. This is one application that comes free of cost to you. Since the updates are provided regularly here, you will never get bored of the content available. Moreover, the quality available is top-notch as well. 

In case you want to learn how to use TeaTV for Firestick, we are going to help you out. 

TeaTV On Firestick Download & Installation

Download TeaTV On Firestick


How to install TeaTV on Firestick and Fire TV

We will discuss how you can download and install TeaTV on Firestick first. It is a bit of a complicated process so you have to watch each step nicely.

  1. First of all, you should go to the home screen of your Firestick and click on settings. 
  2. There will be a “My Fire TV” option available in Settings. You need to click on it and move forward by choosing “Developer Options”. 
  3. Now you need to click on “Apps from unknown sources”. If you have kept the option turned off, it is about time you turn it on. 
  4. Once you have made these little changes to your Settings, it is time to go back to the home screen of Firestick. 
  5. You will be required to click on the Search option and follow it by selecting “Downloader” after typing it. 
  6. Once you have clicked on Downloader, you have to follow it up by downloading the Downloader. Wait for the process to get completed. 
  7. Now you need to turn in the application after the download has been completed. When you first open the application, you have to click on allow to give it the necessary permissions. 
  8. You will find the home tab opened on your screen. There will be a text box displayed on the right side of this home tab.
  9. You have to enter “bit.ly/teatv-first” and follow it by clicking on “Go”. 
  10.  It will automatically start the download of the file. Once the file has been downloaded, you have to start installing it on your device. 
  11. After clicking on “Done”, you need to revert to the APK file. Press Delete and Delete again to remove the APK file from your Firestick permanently.

Using TeaTV On Firestick 

Now that we know how to download and install TeaTV on Firestick, you need to know how to use it. You just have to know how to open this application on this device once and then you will find it a comfortable use. Here are the steps needed to be followed:

  • On your Firestick remote, you will find the home button somewhere. You have to long-press it and then move forward by selecting Apps. 
  • If there are many apps installed on your Firestick, it can take some time to find the TeaTV app. Once you find it, you will have to select it. 
  • A disclaimer is going to pop up if you’re using it for the time being. You have to click on accept here and move on. 
  • The next thing that will pop up on your screen is the windows for the selection of a language. Which language do you prefer for subtitles? You have to choose a particular language in this step. 
  • It might ask you to subscribe to its Reddit community. You have to ignore it by clicking on “Cancel”. 
  • Now it’s all set and done. You will find the TeaTV interface on your screen at this point. It means that you’re good to go and start using this application. 


Q1: Why should one use TeaTV on Firestick? 

If you’re a fan of TV shows and movies, TeaTV is a very useful platform. It has plenty of content and all of it comes free of cost to you. 

Q2: Is it safe to use TeaTV on Firestick? 

Yes, it is completely safe to use TeaTV on Firestick. You just have to watch your steps while downloading and installing TeaTV on it. 

Q3: How much time does it take to download TeaTV on Firestick? 

As long as you have a healthy internet connection, it will barely take a couple of minutes for the download. 

Conclusion: Download and Install TeaTV on Firestick

So if you want to enjoy amazing entertainment content on your Firestick free of cost, you should download TeaTV on it!